Infinite Dashboard is our answer to the fragmented and diverse needs of users , spending lots of their time browsing the internet. From now on the starting page might be not simply a search bar with standard services, but something more... or less! it is always up to you.
This project is proudly developed by the dedicated team of a Karbon Project LP. All rights for the technology, design, and content developed belong to their respective owners.

Once installed, Infinite Dashboard welcomes you with a minimalistic look of beautiful wallpaper and a search bar. If you’re into a minimalistic design, keep it as is, but if you’re looking for customization - you’re welcome to visit HUB - a home of Infinite features.

  • Bookmarks. Manage the list of your favorite websites, pin then to a start screen as a speed dial for the quickest access.
  • Apps. Choose the pins for your Dashboard from multiple Services (Google, Apple), Messengers (Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.) and Games (2048, Super Mario, Doodle Jump, etc). Pin your choices to a Dashboard and access them quickly, right after browser launch.
  • Sessions. Fasten your browser by taking control over your browser sessions. Save the session and reopen one at any time, if needed.
  • ToDo. Stay productive with Tasks built into your start screen.
  • Notes. Keep all your notes, passwords and memos in a single place on your home screen.

Discover the Settings - become a designer of your personal web.

  • Customize background. Choose from spectacular presets of hires wallpapers and Live Photos or upload your own background.
  • Customize Apps. Choose the Apps to pop up in HUB.
  • Customize Search. Switch between the mainstream search engines with ease.